Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer Time!!

Hi all here we are again I late in getting this out so lets just Say this is my May post.  The last month has been overwhelming so many things to do so little time and it is go to go faster as we apporach the month of August.  Which is when I will be leaveing Kansas City and heading to UNC-Chapel Hill.
The open studios event that happened on the First of May was a success for me I sold over $400.00 dollars worth of painting/drawings and still have plenty more so if you want to get one still hit me up. The 31st of April was my last day at MWSU,  sad to go before some of my former students graduate but I will see them again in the future.  I still have lots of work to do before I leave and people to hangout with as well.  I will be selling many other items as well in the coming weeks trying to move with as little as possible.  I have been working on a group of paintings for the Leopold Gallery, hope to have them finished by the end of May and in the gallery.  

 Install shot from open studios of the curve pieces, no wants me to destory them but I kind of want to.
Still considering options for them one is to sell them to someone for use at the Nelson for a bean bag toss.  Which if they agree to destroy after there use and send me documentation of said destruction I might be okay with.

Three paintings

Bye Bye MOWest