Monday, January 19, 2015

First Post of 2015 THE JANUARY POST

New Found Drugstore Happiness
Mixed Media on Panel
14 1/8" x 15 3/8"

So all of my Grad. School Applications have been submitted and the waiting game has begun.
Above is a painting I was able to finish just before the new year and am quite happy with it.  Looking forward to getting into the studio more this Spring, I have a pile of panels started and need to finish.  If I can save some money I am going to start sending out flyers to find representation outside of KCMO. Debating with myself if I should apply to the Midwest addition of New American Painters this year. Most likely will have plenty of good images and it really doesn't hurt to apply just a little $$$. 

Process shots:  I have been working on this painting for about year the top image is really close to the beginning of its start the lower image is from 1/19/2015.  This painting is one that has been fighting me to find its finished state but I am pleased with where it is headed and I hope it gets finished this spring.  Metallic Enamel Paint is my new best friend now!

So a little while back the Charlotte Street Foundation was looking for images to turn into buttons and I submitted this little fellow above.  I never heard anything about these buttons after that. So I am going to try to get some buttons made and give out to my friends and whoever wants one.  Will keep you posted on these I may need to make some variants. This all will depend on taxes and if I can save money and make money.  But I really want to make these.

Okay last but not the least here is an in progress image of one of my shaped paintings these are really something different to work with, still researching the shapes and where they need to come from. The progress of this one has been quite enjoyable for me. I have only been painting on it for a couple of  sessions.