Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Curve Maquette Chicago Barrier Style

So here we have one of the Curve Maquette's that I have been working on for some time, this is my fav of the bunch no title yet, and you are looking from top to bottom center, left and right shots of this piece. It is about 2' x 3' x 1' , oil and mop marker on wood form in a Chicago Barrier Style.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

new to me and you

So I have been a Little busy, but news of note Number 1 the Art billboards over the Missouri Bank in the Kansas City CrossRoads art district, I recently designed two of these and they face to the east they will be up for a about 4 months (to view click here), Number 2 I was asked to put some work up in the H&R Block HQ Lobby which will be on display for the month of Sept., Number 3 the studio at the Town Pavilion building is going very nicely for me, and I hope to be asking people to do studio visits in the next month, Number 3 we (michelle and myself) have been trying to bust some ass on the living space of our building the good news is that 3/4 of the electrical is finished and in the box so we have light up stairs woo hoo, New/first ever intern is making some good stuff for me as well Her name is K-Dub. Should be on the verge of vinyl cutter/plotter time in the next month super stoked. Well thats all folks in joy your day thanks for stopping by.