Sunday, September 1, 2019


OKAY, I know I have not posted on this blog in over three years but I am rededicating myself to a once a month post beginning today the 1st of Sept. 2019. Quick update for those that don't know LMAO cause who follows this and doesn't know but anyway. I have finished grad school, lived in Utah for a gorgeous summer to mid winter minute, moved in with my Rents for a while, started teaching at my old Junior College/Community College, and have moved now to the StL. So like I have said I moved to the StL this past spring its been tough being alone now and trying to make work while working and struggling to make ends meet. I got a pretty good deal at the moment I get a place to live while I work on a this place for the owner. But there is a time frame for the work to be done, gonna try to stay and get some roommates when that time comes. Not really into roommates but gotta do what I gotta do at this time.

I have shown work in KCMO since moving back to my home town area. I had a show last year (2018) with the Kiosk Gallery, if you are in KCMO check them out they are in the Livestock Exchange Building in the West Bottoms.

Parts of Something, which was a collection of works from my time in grad school with one of the pieces being reworked due to damage with all of my recent moving, I think it looks better now.

After that I was contacted by one of the co-directors (Lisa Guavara) at Tugboat Gallery ( ) in Lincoln, NE about participating in a group show with them this summer. And I was like yeah lets do it. That was in June and I drove up to install three large works and hang out for the opening.

88 1/2" x 61"
Acrylic, Spray paint, & Marker on Custom Cradled Panels

 XXL Piano Dolly
60" x 24" x 7"
Acrylic, Spray paint, Vinyl Decals, Outdoor Carpet on Custom made Dolly with Casters

Untitled (Dirty Clean Lungs)
48" x 99 1/4"
Acrylic, Spray paint, & Marker on Custom Cradled Panels

After that adventure which it was due to the flooding of the Missouri river and the trek I drove into Kansas, I didn't do much till I drove back up to uninstall my pieces. Second trip much smoother as the flood waters had started to recede and I29 was open.

For the summer I have worked on the house and for the St. Louis Artist Guild, started on some paintings for the U-City Library ( where I will be showing this coming March 2020. No real deets on that at the moment so here is a WIP

It doesn't even look like this as I type this, and will change even more tonight. So that catches ya up on the art making side. Oh SHIT I almost forgot I also installed a new Fake Rock False Boulder at the St. Louis Artist Guild the 1st week of August.


Unsurveillanced Osage House Rock (Do Rocks Die)
Acrylic Paint, Flocking, Minwax Polycrylic, & Spray paint on Drywall Joint Compound over Polystyrene Insulation Board & Great Stuff Insulation Spray Foam, with Non Functioning Security Camera, Spring Clamp on Pallet

So that takes care of the art making I will address some of the other shit next month like how teaching is going what I am teaching/have been teaching.  And some stuff that is inspiring me lately too, see you all next month.