Sunday, March 27, 2011

whats been going down

So since the first of the year I have been behind on this here blog. Well its been a long winter, of working on the new living and studio space that's no where close to being finished but progress has happened. I have applied to some calls for artists, a grant, and a studio space since this new one that we are rehabbing is going to be awhile before it gets finished. So if you know of any calls that might be of interest to me let me know(especially the west coast). And I am going to try to be more diligent on writing on this thing even when I don't have any pics. Also had a show with Nick Nihira at Three Rivers College this past Feb. went down and helped hang the show and did a little lecture about my work and our Met Me in the Middle project which I would like to do again but may have to wait till next year(possible in another state). It was great to get out of town and always a great time to hang with Nick.