Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Awesome news this week!

Well to start things off, I found out this past Friday that I will be receiving a studio space with the UCP here in KC (its a 1 year studio residency). Then today I got to go with Misha Kligman to critique his Drawing II classes at MWSU. I thought it went well. I always hope my feedback helps a younger artist to move forward as opposed to backward. Then this evening as I check my e-mail I found out that I received the Inspiration Grant that I applied for, which will lead me to the purchase of a vinyl cutter (madlafstickers). And I also learned which of the spaces within the UCP that I will be working in (Town Pavilion), which is where Phil (Sike) Shafer has his studio and since we are wanting to make crazy co-labs this summer that seems perfect for us. This summer is going to be crazy so much to do, & I really need a hair cut right now, its kind of floppy.