Monday, February 15, 2010

new works in progress?

Just some paintings that I have been working on this winter. I think they are all over the place (each piece is very different from the others). I hope to have them finished (feeling more like a group) by early spring. Some warmer weather would help with paint dry time so thats what I'm hoping for, sick of this cold and snow.


So Phil Shaffer aka Sike and I are working on this project where we are going to make a changable photo booth like thing, by painting on cardboard boxes, and stacking them in various ways. And these are some early photos from the first couple of days.

Monday, February 1, 2010

press release

Detail of Orthodox Aquifer

New Press Release for Art Exhibit

Exhibit Title: Urban Illuminations

Artist: Luke Firle

Dates: Friday, March 5th until Friday, April 30th

Reception: First Friday, March 5th from 6-9pm

Gallery: The Beggars Table Church & Gallery
2009 Baltimore, Kansas City, MO 64108

Gallery hours: Wed, Thurs, & Friday from 10am-4pm; Saturdays by appointment


The Beggars Table Church & Gallery presents Urban Illuminations, an exhibit of new work by Luke Firle. Heavily influenced by his industrial, urban surroundings, Firle draws from the shapes and textural architecture of Kansas City. Within his paintings, he has always tried to create a sense of depth without placing the viewer in a recognizable landscape. Recently, he has taken this interest in spacial relationships and pushed it into a three-dimensional realm. This grouping takes Firle’s works on paper and relates them to one of his curved forms. While investigating the three-dimensional structure, he still continues to explore the formal elements of shape, line, and color on a two-dimensional surface to see how far he can push the viewer’s point of reference.