Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fat February

Okay! Month two of 2015 is going slow, so slow that I am posting this on the first day of March.  I am hoping my students will be finished with their first project by the end of the month, so they can get started on project 2 and 3. My studio is plugging along with nothing in the works as far as a show.  Generating future plans for future paintings. I am really just building things that are of an interest to myself. I have been cutting more vinyl stencils so far this year and am happy with the outcomes right now. I have decided that the size of the paintings I have been making could get a little bit bigger, the smallest dimension should be fifteen inches.  

 New shape panels
Size varies
These are going to start to develop into something more meaningful than just random shapes. I am researching places I have lived over my life and the boundaries that are meaningful within.  But until I have the research done on these I am just going to have fun with shapes.  

Here's the 'works in progress' wall, really liking what's going on but really ready to move to the next phase with some oil paint.  Would really like to find somewhere to show this body of work in the future.  Also I have been making some new panels and have been really working on the craft part of it.  Plugs for screw holes, maybe some lap joints, and I really want to give dovetailing a try both by hand and with a router.

I'm really into ponchos right now. Just to catch you up on my graduate school status, here are the results so far; two schools have said no, one has said I am #2 on the wait list and I have not heard from the other two, which makes me feel like I may be on their wait lists as well. 
Good Thoughts People, thanks.  

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