Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Oh my is it October already!

Well shit I can't believe it October that came faster than expected but it was needed for me. Not a lot of new art things at the moment still working on paintings for a show in March. These works are starting to take shape but I need to get it in gear and start making the most of my free time. I have really been enjoying teaching the drawing class this semester its way more enjoyable than Art Appreciation, now don't get me wrong the students in my Art App. are pretty interesting especially the ones that will engage in conversation. It's just I'm not an art historian I'm an artist I want to make things. I hope that I will continue to teach more classes that are the act of making artwork as to the history part of the art world. (I am currently teaching one drawing class & three Art Appreciations)
I will not be doing sober October this year which I have done for the last three - four years, it's just not going to happen.
Wish me luck as I am about to start on that journey of applying to the job openings across the nation. I will update this kind of info. as to where I have applied and how it's going, I would like to apply to at least 20 this year. I'm nervous about the other none collegiate jobs I have been try to do, as this fall no classes where a go. And as always I am worried about future work at the moment. Sorry no photos this time around its been busy I hope to take some picks of student work this month for midterm grading purposes so those could hit the blog next month with I hope some of my new work. This is a shorty but ya know.

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